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Ascended Masters Healing Pack

  • $80.00 NZD

These cards are the portals of  22 Ascended Masters. All 22 Ascended Master Cards are in one pack.

The Masters energy flow through their portal 24/7. Place a card on to a chakra and let the Masters energy flow in.

These portal cards are not just for healing but also for meditation with the Masters

Perfect for healers working with the Ascended Masters. Great for meditation and development groups as an Ascension tool. Great for Readers who work with the Ascended Masters. Or just for personal use at home for those serious about Ascension.

Buying these 22 cards individually would cost NZ$110 - but buying them as a pack they are only NZ$80.

Place a card on a chakra point and feel the Ascended Masters energy flow into you in a profound way. Or place 7 cards on 7 chakras for a deep healing experience.

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