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Personalised Crystals just for you x 3

  • $150.00 NZD

Sometimes we just need help. Help in our life and help in our ascension process. The Ascended Masters recognise the need that occurs in many, the need for support and for change. They are here to help you step beyond your limitations and to help create the change you need, in yourself and in your life.

The Masters will look at you and determine three attributes, traits or support you need at this time and with the Devas, they will manifest these into three crystals for you, to carry close to you as and when you feel the need.

The Masters have a huge range different crystals to utilise. They will look at you and see which crystals suit your vibration and then within the Ascended Masters portal they will create in the crystals what traits, attributes and support you need.

Examples of these might be inner strength, joy, love, focus, clarity, protection, courage, inner peace etc. 

Once you order email your recent photo to Verna - The Masters will take up to 10 days to create your personalised crystals.

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