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Personalised Ascended Master Oil just for You

  • $100.00 NZD

We all get to the stage in our lives when we need a little help daily. Life isn't perfect, we don't feel perfect. The Masters will create an oil specifically for you and your needs - today, tomorrow, next month. This oil is a support oil. This oil will also create change within you. This oil vibrationally changes according to the changes that are occurring in you. So if you don't use it for a month that's okay, as it will change and be perfect for the person you are when you pick it up again. It works on all the chakras and bodies.

This is no ordinary oil. Those with sight into other dimensions can see the colours and patterns within the oils. For example, the oil may be layered horizontally with 5 different colours and have an infinity symbol. These 5 colours and symbol are then present in every cell. The vibration you need at any given time is extracted from the cells and the remainder remains untouched. Brilliant. 

Your oil will take about 7 days to make in the Ascended Masters portal and will be made by a team of Masters. When we post the oil, we will also tell you the colours and patterns contained within each cell. This is so exciting to see the unique combination for each person. 

If you are serious about Ascension, then you need a personalised oil to assist in your ascension process and to support you through the changes that will occur.

When you order a bottle of this oil, please send a photo of yourself to  so your oil can be made by the Ascended Masters just for you.

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