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Violet Flame Cream

  • $25.00 NZD

The Violet Flame transmutes the cause, effect, record and memory of all negative vibration held in the chakras and cells across all dimensions and planes. The Violet Flame raises vibration.

This cream is a derivative of the powerful and pure Violet Flame oil bought to you from the source of Violet Flame by Ascended Master St Germain, Ascended Master Ra-mun, with the Masters of the Violet Flame, Angels and Devas of the Violet Flame, and manifested within the portal of the Ascended Masters.

How is this Violet Flame different to the Violet Flame you can manifest around yourself? We can manifest the flame to the level of our own ascension, the Masters have manifested in this cream the flame to the level of their Ascension. Also being in cream, it is now present in this dimension and so can work in the physical on your physical body and cells.

This cream is specifically made to transmute past life memories that still reside in the physical body, and for trauma and pain in the physical body. The cream will transmute the memory stored in the cells. 

This is powerful.


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