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Healing Shawl - 10 - viscose

  • $100.00 NZD

The Masters Mother Mary, St Germain and Dom Ignacio have come together in the Ascended Masters portal to create healing shawls. The Masters wanted to address the needs of many for healing for their current life without providing a healing service. This is their solution.

They have imprinted into the cells of this shawl healing for physical, emotional and mental body healing. As the shawl is used the healing is released into the aura and physical body. The more the shawl is used the deeper the healing will be embedded into the shawl. The healing will remain for the life of the shawl.

Use whenever you feel the need for healing on any level, or just comfort. The shawl can be used by anyone.

Viscose - 180cm x 70cm

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