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Meet the Ascended Masters

Welcome from the Ascended Masters, Elohim, Archangels and Devas

Here we strive to introduce the Ascended Masters to you in a very real and personal way. They have all walked the Earth in many life times such as you. They have had lives of suffering, lives of illness, lives with children and families. All that you have experienced, they have too. So in this really personal and human way they stand before you not as someone on a pedestal, but as someone who has walked in your shoes. They now stand beside you, helping and guiding you in your life and towards you ascension. Here we have below the Ascended Masters individual painted portals, this will help you connect to them at a heart level. The portal paintings are a direct link to the Masters. And we share also their aura colours and a little more about them. This is an ongoing process and we try and update and include more as we learn more form the Masters.

Most of all - Enjoy!


Ascended Masters