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KUAN YIN, Ascended Master

Ascended Master Kuan Yin is a Master on the 3rd ray, the ray of unconditional love. She is also known as the goddess of Compassion and the Bodhisattva of Mercy. 

She is known as a great healer, and works with healers to mainly heal the emotional body. She comes to help us with our internal battles – the ones we fight within ourselves.

She is here to help us balance and clear our emotional body – for it is here that much of our physical illnesses have their cause. Her portal painting you see to the left, has 6 different paintings beneath the one you see – each one an aspect of her Being. It took from one full moon to the next to complete the portal painting. Her element is water.

She is a must, for those clearing their own emotional baggage, and for those with anger issues. 

Her symbols  include the swan, the lotus and the hexagon.

Her aura (seen to the left) is a deep magenta with a softer pink rim.

If she is your teacher and you are a 3rd ray soul, then you will have the qualities of serenity, compassion, your energy is soft. Your soul colour will be a fucshia pink.

It is wonderful to have her sending her energy into a room 24/7 via the portal print, or place the portal card on a chakra and receive the Masters energy directly into the chakras.

Also check out Kuan Yin's new oil for  "Inner Peace". She made this to assist all who use it to achieve a place of deep inner peace. Great to use when the forces of the 3d world get too much and you need a hand to stay balanced, focused and in a peaceful state so you can act from the heart and not react from the mind.



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