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11th January 2018

Verna Maruata - Thursday, January 11, 2018

Here we are back again after a break, ready to get back into another year of assisting you with your ascension.

A break from work in the portal always sees us coming back renewed and clearer. This means the Masters come in closer with things to say and show us - add that to the back log of work and the holiday becomes a dim memory. But here we are excited and joyous to be working with all of you again.

Archangel Ariel stepped forward to participate in a recent healing - she is a 5th ray archangel, I have always seen her colours as orange, but now I see a bright red overlaying the orange, which makes her colours look like fire. Gorgeous!

Thomas Merton has returned from an extended break away. He has been passing his own initiations and working on his own ascension. It is a joy to be working with him again.

The ascension tally continues to rise - 120 have passed the 4th initiation, 70 have passed the 5th initiation, 68 the 6th initiation and now 9 have passed the 7th initiation. We are so blessed to have the Ascended Masters portal here at this time.

I asked the Masters what energy starts this year and the response was "JOY". I have put the graphic of the Deva of joy print with this post. Feel the energy of Joy radiate out to you and accept the offering of Joy from the Deva. Then in turn pass on Joy to those you meet today. Service to humanity can occur in many ways.

The Healing Masters this week are White Tara, Isis and Lady Nada. Those on the free healing list received a session from each of the Masters - first from White Tara who attended to the larger general issues, then Isis who fine tuned the healing and then Lady Nada who attended to the inner cause of issues.

Thank you to the Masters for the selfless service they perform each week.