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11th October 2017

Verna Maruata - Wednesday, October 11, 2017

My mind was all over the place this morning, so much information downloading at the moment. So, when I went into the portal today to connect to the Masters for the free healing sessions, I struggled to remember which session I was there. Oh dear. I cycled through the possibles and rejected them, anyway I finally ended up in the healing temple to find Jesus laughing at me. All I could do was laugh at myself too. Then the Masters very kindly and gently came in one by one. Jesus, Serapis Bey, St John the Baptist, Paul the Venetian and St Germain. Five Masters for today's free healing. This is an interesting session. Imagine everyone on the free healing list standing in a row. The Masters are winding energy lines in and out of the rows like peg knitting, so that eventually the recipients are enmeshed in Masters energy. The energy is balance. Balance within the various energies.

It is part of the ascension process to be in balance and harmony. Balance and harmony within ourselves, within our beliefs, within our interactions, within our environment, our food etc. We have so many different energies coming at us balance can be so difficult to achieve, let alone maintain. So I suggest calling on these 5 Masters to help you in this endeavour. Their portal cards, when placed on the chakras will ensure the Masters energy encompasses you just as those on the free healing list experienced. Click here to see and order the portal cards.

Did you read last weeks diary entry about the healing energetic glove I have been gifted by the Masters? Read last weeks post to learn more.
A couple of people approached me through the week for healing via the glove on issues that weren't being resolved. Early days yet but the results were promising and the healing wide reaching.
I am slowly starting to understand the work we are capable of doing together, I would like to practice more though. So I am asking for a few volunteers for free healing around issues that seem to have no way of resolution.

Have you seen my Facebook page on the Ascended Masters? Come and have a look.