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13th December 2017

Verna Maruata - Wednesday, December 13, 2017

This weeks free ascension healing here at the Ascended Masters portal is given by Melchizedek. The portal is red. Red is a first ray colour, the colour of the goddess and divine feminine within the blue 1st ray, the masculine ray of gods will and power.

In my of my emails this week someone spoke about having a dislike of a certain Master. I can relate to this and can Waireti.
For me it was Paul the Venetian, Archangel Charity (picture shown) and then Lady Nada and for Waireti it was Mother Mary.
That was just our lower selves resisting work we needed to do within ourselves, usually related to the aspect of the ray the master is on. Mother Mary for compassion, Lady Nada for Inner Child and Paul the Venetian for creativity within divinity.
So if you feel repelled from a certain Master don't have a negative response, instead turn it around and look at self and see what this Master is reflecting back at you. This is a wonderful gift. Look at it with clarity.

In these days of ascension we can move quite quickly energetically. And yet our knowledge and awareness doesn't keep up with what is happening. Many would attribute feeling negative towards a master as their fault, or the master is bad, or a bad past life experience with the Master. Old attitudes and old thinking.
These old patterns of thinking and old patterns can place a limit on progress and can limit potential. Energetically everything is ready to take off, but their old patterns and old thinking keep them in fear and turning in circles.


A good example was several years ago a healer was giving a work shop with several prints of the Masters on the wall behind. As she was demonstrating healing one of the prints fell off. The healer and the workshop facilitator both aw that as a negative sign. Fear and old thinking. Personally, I probably just thought they hadn't used enough blue-tac adherent. But it could have been the Master was saying look at me, use me with this person.

If you are going to choose fear in your life, then stuck and limited you will stay. Be open to embracing the positive and in many cases the ordinary.