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14th September 2017

Verna Maruata - Thursday, September 14, 2017

Angels, angels everywhere.
When they appear in a host, there is a rustle of energy, a fluttering. It gives such a lovely feeling to know they are in the portal.

This week's healing Masters were Pallas Athena and Mother Mary. They gave healing for the duality of a person's life - the dark and the light, the strong and the weak, the decisive and indecisive. We all can have the yin and yang present within ourselves, there is no definitive self, we all are in flux. Part of the healing is to know that where you are in any moment is okay and not to judge self because of preconceived ideas of what you are meant to be like, or doing, or feeling, or saying.

Society though can place restrictions on us that make us feel less, wrong, or justified. The rights of marriage for the LGBT community in Australia is appearing in the news here in New Zealand. I read an interesting post today, and all the comments that followed. It became apparent how everyone was seeing this topic in light of where they are in their reality. The norms of society can limit and bind us, and in doing so limit our ascension.

I have long known the Masters don't care one little bit if you are gay, lesbian, bi or trans. Your ascension is not limited by who you love, or who you are attracted to. I have had the privilege to witness 68 people pass the 5th initiation and leave the cycle of rebirth. Of those about 12 are gay, lesbian and bi. That is a large number within such a small group.

As we ascend higher and higher, we become aware of people not as men and women but as souls. It is souls we reconnect with, it is souls we recognize from past lives. The sex and gender are created by the higher self for this life. It is within this construct that society, genetics, personality, ancestral lineage, learned behaviour etc all create each individual. It takes a lot to see beyond to the soul within.

Waireti and I are two women, twin flames, legally married and we have passed the 7th initiation. The Masters chose us to help them with their portal. They don't care what sex we are, they are looking only at our souls. I hope that as you ascend you will do the same. Not to just those that have the same belief systems as you but to all humanity.

Love All. Respect All.