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18th October 2017

Verna Maruata - Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I have been reading some of the Diary entries I made back in 2010. They certainly were exciting times in the portal. With help I am slowly getting the Diary converted to an easier to read format, starting with 2010. You can find them as they go online in the Archive Diary section. Via the "more" drop down menu.

The portal today is a clear translucent bright red. The Masters in the healing temple within the portal are Melchizedek and Sititapatra. Sititapatra was the teacher of Gautama Buddha. Red is the goddess aspect of the masculine first ray. It is the goddess power within the energy of power and control. It is a very prevalent energy around the world at the moment as women find their power and are saying "Me too." When anyone stands in their power it must be good. The red goddess energy is about power of self with compassion, not power over someone else. It is about standing in your own power with love and understanding of self and others. it isn't about blame and vilifying but rather the inner healing journey of self. so today via the portal, Melchizedek and Sititapatra are raining this energy down on those in the free healing session, and from there out to humanity. The image with this post is of Sitatapatras aura.

I was asked if 5th dimension and 5th initiation were the same. This is quite a common query. The answer is no.

It doesn’t matter what dimension we are in if we still have karma. Karma is what keeps brings us back life after life. We  are held here by our karma, our soul seat and the Earth Star (see article on website) . And while the planet maybe ascending we have our own individual and collective ascension to attend to. Which means paying all our karma to leave the cycle of rebirth. The ascension of the planet doesn't mean we don't need to attend to our personal responsibility.

I have had a huge response to the Glove healing (see the last two diary entries). No more volunteers please. To date responses have been positive, and I am getting a clearer idea of why I have received this gift. Thank you to those who stepped forward to help me understand. And apologies to those I had to turn away.