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2017 wrap up

Verna Maruata - Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Here we are at the end of my 2017 working year.
Today is my last work day till January 8th.
My children are all coming home from around the world. We will all be heading to the beach for a few days for some much needed down time. Nothing like the ocean and it's breeze to clear out the old energies and revitalise us for the new year. Mother Earth (Papatuanuku) supports us in so many ways.

The Masters are ending this year on a serious note.

This weeks free healing master is White Tara. She is in warrior mode today. I have never seen her looking so stern.
She is standing ramrod straight and her message is clear. Your ascension is your responsibility.

White Tara is being very forceful. Her message is stand in your power and focus on your ascension. By you, for you.
Lets look at your responsibilities.
Ascension to the 5th initiation is only about you  paying your karma. No one can do this but you.

How can you pay your karma? Well we all live in the real world, with families, jobs, responsibilities etc. Here is where we pay our karma, here is where we need to be.
In this grounded reality, start to practice heart based thoughts (not negative) to self and others, heart based actions (not negative) to self and others, and heart based speech (not negative) to self and others.
This will ensure that you aren't making as much karma as you pay daily. Taking this approach then allows the karma to be paid quicker.
And of course, the Masters Violet Flame oil clears the dross in the chakras, this allows the karma to come up for payment in a more gentle way. Because karma resides in the chakras.

And now White Tara certainly looks more like the smiling queenly goddess she is. Message delivered.

Now to topics that have arisen this week that the other Masters want to talk about. They get even more serious. This is a topic that has arisen many times over the last weeks and lately on a daily basis.

We all know people, may be ourselves, who get caught in the story of the past.
Something happened in the past and it is held onto so strongly that it becomes a defining and limiting part of a persons life. It may not even be something they remember, but has been told to them and they hold onto it. The story might revolve around something that happened to someone else, but they make it their own.

The pattern of behaviour around drama is created or even learned - Life is a drama, and all life events can potentially become a drama.

This drama is then spread and shared with their friends and family.
Those who buy into the drama are seen as friends and those who don't are seen in a negative way.

Part of ascension is detachment. Detachment from the story, detachment from the drama, detachment from someone else's drama, detachment even from the outcome. Detachment from how others view us. And yet in this detachment have an open heart. We can be compassionate without being caught into the story. We can be detached and be compassionate.

The harder task is for those that live by this reality to let go of the drama, to let go of the pattern of behaviour, and let go of the perceived cause of their pain and suffering. And from there, let go of the need to be at the centre of the emotional storm. Because this pattern of behaviour is holding them back from ascending, for the mere fact it is a constant cause and source of karma. And it becomes a source of karma for those who buy into the story.

Detachment will save you from creating karma, so long as your heart is open.

Now to other topics.

I was asked how a person can have a closer relationship with their ascension Master, or any Master.
Here is a link on my article about the torus and how it can be used to achieve this.
The Masters will always come in closer when you open your heart to them.

I am going to end with talking about the Green Flame oil.
The Green Flame is about personal truth and the all seeing eye.

We have seven flame oils to utilise, in the bid to embrace becoming the Being of Light you have the potential to embrace.
Each flame oil lays the foundation for the next. Blue Flame follows Violet Flame. Blue Flame works with personal power. Green Flame follows the Blue Flame.

Green flame is about personal truth. Seeing self in truth. That is a huge step to take. But that is why prior to starting the Green Flame, we have used Blue Flame oil and and moved into personal power and strength. Personal power is the foundation to cope with what lies ahead with the Green Flame, self truth.

The Green Flame oil was made in the Ascended Masters portal by Ascended Master Hilarion, The Elohim Cyclopea and the Japanese storm god, Susano’o, with the angels and Devas of the Green flame. The Green flame is part of the 5th ray.
The oil itself is fascinating to look at, each cell of the Green Flame oil contains a 6 pointed star. The Flame and its aura have 3 different greens - emerald green, forest green, and a milky jade green. These flame oils are very powerful.

You can read more about each flame here.

And to end on a lighter note Waireti and I send you sparkling yellow ray (joy), pink ray (love) blessings of love as this year ends and we move into the next cycle. Much love to you over this holiday season.