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21st September 2017

Verna Maruata - Thursday, September 21, 2017

This week we had Jesus and St Germain giving the free healing session in the Ascended Masters portal, to all on the ascension healing list. As you know we don't offer healing for health in these sessions, rather it is healing for ascension.
These two Masters work well together with a sense of humour that makes working with them a light and bright experience. This week the Masters were doing a little tapping in each persons Sacred Heart. Wake up, there is more than the heart chakra to explore... look beyond.

The inner exploration of ascension is what they are pointing towards. There are common terms such as "the inner journey"... "the key lies within" which can sound obscure, but contain a major truth. It is much easier to look to external, exoteric means of ascension than the quiet esoteric inner journey. The ascension path is a solo path, a lonely path and one we all must take alone. Which is one reason I am sure so many never take it life after life.

Many knowing they are of the "Light", believe being of the Light is enough and they need do no more. Being of the Light is not a free ticket to leaving the cycle of rebirth. Many wear their affiliation with Light like a badge of honour, believing themselves to be of the chosen, that they have already attained a certain dimension and all is well in their world. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that isn't how it works. Despite all the claims that are made by the countless channels around the world. The Ascended Masters here at the portal are showing us an ascension truth. The way is the inner journey, not the external journey. And they just remind me this isn't just meditation but the journey into the Sacred Heart and the Holy Heart beyond. All those ancient texts didn't get it wrong, the path and the key does lie within.

Ascension comes in stages and is related to the payment of karma. Each stage is marked with an initiation. Each initiation is activated in relation to the karma you have paid and your light percentage. So, if you are 55% light, then you have 45% karma left to pay. If this is the case you are at the 2nd initiation. This is about the stage the kundalini awakens for the first time. This is when you will have that first feeling of oneness with the universe and know all is connected. You may get the first feelings of love for humanity. Leaving the cycle of rebirth and passing the 5th initiation occurs when a person has reached 100% light and no karma. So, know there is a huge difference between the perceived meaning of an experience and actually leaving the cycle of rebirth.

If you are reading this and just had the thought "How do I move forward?" Just stop for a minute. How many times have you been to this website? how many times have you read my diary? The way forward is in this website. The Masters are here to help humanity ascend. The Masters provide healings in their portal and oils (made in the portal) that are getting people to the 5th initiation (and beyond) in record time.
The answers and the way is here. By being here in this moment, the path is there in front of you. It is up to you now on how to proceed.

Step 1
Read the website - get an idea of what is happening and get informed about the spiritual you. Look at our free techniques.
Step 2
Order an ascension reading (in store) - find out exactly where you are on the ascension journey, your light percentage, your karma, the state of your bodies, your ascension Ascended Master to name a few details.
Step 3
And this is hardest of all - follow the suggestions in the reading.

To date we have helped 118 people get to the 4th initiation, 68 to the 5th initiation, 68 to the 6th initiation and 6 to the 7th initiation. We can help get you there.