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23rd November 2017

Verna Maruata - Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Vishnu is todays healing Master for the free healing sessions.

Devotion. I want to just sit in devotion to this vast being. My heart swells and I feel enveloped in love.

If Vishnu appears to you in human form he has Asian Indian features. His face is broad. He has facial hair around the mouth. He has long dark hair, the top half is pulled up into a top knot, while the bottom half is curling tresses, not quite ringlets. He has thick eye brows. He is a bigger build than Shiva. His aura is white at the centre, then mostly silver with a blue edge.

At the moment on one level, the portal is silvery blue, for Vishnu, and on another level the portal is green, a 5th ray colour. Hilarion and Ganesh are working together. St Germain is there too, but he isn't working with them, he is sitting in contemplation.
On another level the portal is white, a base energy of purity is emanating.
In another part of the portal, St John the Baptist is working with Thomas Merton.
And again in another part again Mother Mary, Vesta and Lakshmi are talking and laughing together.
I could go on, the dimensions, the rooms, the temples and the interconnections are vast.
You can read more about the Ascended Masters portal here.

How many of the Ascended Masters do you know about?
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I received questions this weeks about the Kundalini.
When does the Kundalini Awakens fully? At what initiation?  Why it awakens at that initiation? What is its significance?     What happens after it awakens? How does one know that the Kundalini has awakened fully? How to utilize the awakened Kundalini energy?

I've written many times about the kundalini. Always with a warning of "leave it alone".
There is a fascination with the misconception that awakening the kundalini leads to ascension. From what I have witnessed over the last 30 years as a practicing healer and one who has passed the 7th initiation, is that the kundalini has it's own agenda. Awaken it at your own peril. A mere mortal cannot control it. Don't in ego think you can.

In ancient times the energy of the earth and humanity was more dense, so these intense practices to awaken the kundalini had little effect. In today's reality, our vibrations are higher, we ascend at a fast rate, humanity and the Mother Earth are all ascending at a faster rate. Therefore striving to awaken the kundalini, is to awaken a force that the body can't assimilate due to the impurity of the body (dross) and the karma that is still held in the chakras.

The kundalini has a mild flutter and awakening between the 2nd and 3rd initiations. This many erroneously attribute to their high level of ascension, when in reality it is the kundalini having a stretch and noting ascension is possible. Once having experienced this it is common to them strive to rekindle this experience through yoga. What can happen then is the kundalini rises too soon through impure channels. When it doesn't have a clear and pure channel to the 8th chakra, the kundalini force diverts off to lesser channels, burning and damaging the nadis (minor chakras, the body has 72,000) as it goes. This damage results in life long pain and suffering and can lead to mental illness.

The kundalini will rise of it's own volition at the 5th initiation. This is what I wrote in the article on the 5th initiation -

Your kundalini will rise of its own natural volition unaided, without fanfare and work. It will rise from the base chakra, opening the lotus of the crown to its fullest potential and then rise up into the 8th chakra which will becomes its new home. All your system is preparing itself. Reincarnation is no longer for you, you are moving into the Divine.

To get to this point your focus needs to be on clearing you karma and dross from the 7 major chakras. Ascension to the 5th initiation (not 5th dimension) is all about clearing your karma and dross. When there is no more karma left, the 5th initiation occurs, the channels are clear and the kundalini can ascend. And then it and you continue to ascend. The kundalini appears again at the 7th initiation when the 8th chakra takes over the place of the base chakra, but just for a while, as when the initiation is over it moves to the 11th chakra. After this it makes periodic movement up and down the new chakra system.

For those of you who haven't reached the 5th initiation, you can tell your kundalini is waking up if you experience ice hot energy in the spine. If this is constant it is a good idea to stop for a while to let it settle down and practice that stimulates the kundalini.