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26th October 2017

Verna Maruata - Friday, October 27, 2017

Sorry for the delay in posting. I went away to spend some time with my adult children for a few days. I'm now trying to catch up with the back log of work.

This week Isis, Kuthumi and Melchizedek were the healers for the free Wednesday ascension healing sessions. Isis was resplendent in her gold colours and adornments. Kuthumi was soft this time and Melchizedek too was softer than usual. Imagine the portal swirling in gold, pale yellow and dark blue. The heart and the throat chakra were the regions everyone on the healing list received healing. Speaking from the heart, not from the mind was the issue. They worked at clearing the dross in the chakras to help ease towards this happening. The throat chakra is often the chakra that holds the most dross, for it is the chakra of communication - communication of our thoughts, words and actions, to self and others. So a negative thought about someone else connects the throat and the heart chakras. you can see how the dross can start to accumulate, and that isn't even looking at the karma that is created, in these chakras and others.

Waireit and I have cried several times this week over emails that have come in for various reasons, emails that touch our heart, bring our compassion to the fore around the suffering of others. This coincided with me reading though some diary entries from December 2010 while posting them to the archive. The time period was when the Grounding oil was being made by the Masters and our rigorous testing of it.
I found myself remembering why the grounding oil was created and the great ramifications and need for it other than the basic grounding.

“The Masters are back on the topic of grounding - their oil continues to be made for this. All 7 Cohans are creating it for those of all the rays - all in one bottle, in each cell.  So why is it important to be grounded? While moving in the 3D world and working in the 3D world it is important to be Present. It is important we live the lives we came to live. If not grounded and not present then we miss opportunities, we miss lessons, we miss being where we are meant to be for others. Grounding means we are present 100% though perhaps not grounded 100%.

I asked why we aren't grounded naturally. Why we aren't in our bodies to the degree we need to be? The response was – it’s about escape. It’s about not wanting to participate, it’s about fear of living.

So this oil is meant to help us be present and grounded. Because the more grounded we are the more we can achieve and the less likelihood of having to incarnate again to repeat this life’s lessons.”

“This morning we tested it. One drop on the palm of the receiving hand. How is it possible to be spacey and grounded at the same time? We found there was no mind. Words came forth, but then there were periods when there were no thoughts. It was bizarre to witness within the self. Also a sense of being in a bubble looking out. We all had the same experience. I came into my body to about 85% and after about 90 minutes I was at 75%. So I am applying it several times a day. I am more present.

Looking at the aura, the colours become clearer and more vibrant. There appears to be no impact on any specific chakra. It also appears the oil is working to ground all aspects of self - spiritual, emotional, mental and etheric aspects into the physical.

The premise being, to be fully in body is to be fully present. To be present, is to live our life fully. To be partly in body is to miss some of the lessons and opportunities we set up for ourselves.”

“I'm loving the new Grounding oil from the 8 Cohan Masters - Maha Cohan being the 8th. The Grounding oil is to be used to bring all aspects of self into body -etherically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually - so we can be fully present, fully active in this life, and in doing so, we are fully engaged in this life. For many of us, we are not fully in our bodies and so miss out on many of the opportunities, lessons and connections we came to fulfill.

I am using the oil twice a day and am finding - I am more than 90% in my body for most of the time. And with continual use, I know I will come into my body 100% - etherically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I have found being present makes me - more alert, happier, less likely to react, more likely to act consciously, more engaged, and more talkative. Grounding oil is like face cream, it must be applied daily, even twice daily. It doesn't make you permanently grounded.”

“Grounding oil continues to be a must to the start of my day. I'm finding I use it twice a day. I'm also for the first time becoming aware of those elements in my life that make me ungrounded - alcohol is one. I'm so used to being ungrounded I never noticed before.”

We have also found it keeps us off the astral plane. The astral plane this is no longer a safe place to be. It has been claimed by the dark side entities. The astral plane is the source of many vivid dreams and attacks.

So if you feel you need Grounding oil in your daily life here is the link to the store for Grounding oil.