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27th September 2017

Verna Maruata - Monday, September 25, 2017

Here we are again.. the Masters this week for the free ascension healing were Pallas Athena and El Morya. This weeks session is on personal power with a side order of personal truth. This is a huge topic. When I look at the order of the sacred Flame oils, first is Violet flame (transmutation and change) and then come Blue Flame (personal power) and then comes Green Flame (personal truth). So today the masters are bringing in these energies. Personal power is the foundation stone to look at self in truth, it gives us stability to see and accept the truth of self.

Have a look at the section I have written on the Ascension Flames and the Flame oils made by the Ascended Masters in their portal here in New Zealand. Click here for the Ascension Flames.

If you want to be on the free ascension healing list and other free services, follow this link.

Questions that came my way this week were of such depth I thought I would share them with you.

I was asked this week about the Soul and it's relationship with Higher Self.

The Soul is the child of the Higher Self. The soul is created by the Higher Self as it's representative in body. The soul is not the Higher Self, nor does it have the same energy. Think of the Higher self as the parent and the soul as the child. Of the parent but unique.

A single Higher Self can create many souls. Each of these souls exists in a different dimension. These can be called your dimensional lives, as they have the same Higher self as you, but different souls.  A Higher Self is either alpha (divine masculine energy) or omega (divine feminine energy). Your soul has has many past lives, both male and female, but the soul itself is neither male or female. Rather it records all your lives as part of it's existence. When you die the soul returns to the Higher Self and when you are reborn it returns to a new body.

Past life trauma how does it affect our current lives?

Yes your past live trauma affects your current life. They affect your life in many ways. Fears usually have their base in past life trauma. For example a current fear of confined places might have seen a past life of being trapped somewhere confined. A fear of heights might have it's base in falling from a high place. Past life illness can present in this life as a weakness. For example current leg issues can be as the result of leg trauma such as an unset or poorly set leg break in a past life. Ongoing pain in past lives will imprint on the cellular memory to activate in subsequent lives in a similar place. This can often manifest as a weakness, or a place that is considered a weak area and which gets a large percentage of issues. We are our past made manifest.
This our past lives need to be healed and cleared to be well and free of limitations in this current life.
The Masters have created a past life healing. In this session they heal thousands of lives for physical, emotional and mental body issues. The Masters don't give details, for they heal thousands of lives in the session. Click here to order the session.

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