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2nd November 2017

Verna Maruata - Saturday, October 28, 2017

The angels are singing in the portal. Just beautiful. All the angels have a soft 7th ray energy. They are supporting the work that is occurring in the portal at this time with St Germain. He is working with Paris and it's people at the moment.

Waireti and I travel to Auckland from time to time, that is a major city in New Zealand about two hours from here. Auckland has a permanent host of angels at the Bombay hills sending energy to all of Auckland. Before we reach the Bombay Hills, Waireti and I have bets to see which of us can guess what colour ray the angels are on the other side of the hills. We never get it right! We are sure they listen to our conversation and change before we arrive. Probably not, but we have to have some reason for being perpetually wrong. This time they were pink and yellow rays. Just beautiful.

It was a St Germain healing day this Wednesday just passed. He was working in the portal by himself. He showed me gentle pale violet waves of energy rolling across the portal through those on the free healing list. A gentle cleansing.

I have been putting more 2011 diary excerpts into the Diary archive in the More section. I want to share this insight from the Masters, paraphrased into my words as the Masters talk more in downloads than words -

We put those big named authors on pedestals, we buy their books and think they have all the answers - but when in reality it is the Light workers out there, unknown and unsung who are doing the greatest work - alone and in small groups - you are all the real force - you are the ones who make up the force of Light. You, the solo lightworker, won't get your name in lights here on Earth, your reward comes later, and to help you achieve your soul purpose the masters have created their oils, healing and portals from their own portal here in New Zealand - so they can help you be all you are here to be.

We seem to think we have to do it alone - and for many this is the case - but help from the Masters is here as a support.

We haven't has a crystal portal available for quite a while.We have a Jesus quartz crystal portal coming available in the next few days. If you are interested let me know. NZ$350

We are introducing oversize healing shawls in a cotton/linen blend and another more expensive selection in cotton/modal. The cotton/linen shawls are differing sizes, but they are roughly 170cm x 140 cm. These are big enough to wrap around the entire body, or to sleep under. The Cotton/modal are screen printed high quality oversize shawls, they are 2m x 1m.

Comfort, held, embraced, nurtured, healed are all words that I connect to these shawls imprinted with healing by St Germain, Mother Mary and Dom Ignacio. The first group are in store and more are coming online through the week ahead. At the moment we have three pages of shawls to choose from. The shawls can be used by anyone, so think of them for gifts for those you love.