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30th November 2017

Verna Maruata - Thursday, November 30, 2017

Yesterday the portal was blue, for a blue 1st ray healing day and today it is pale gold with a transparent rainbow wash. It is a delicate energy today. Yesterday, St John the Baptist, Thomas Merton (Haven’t seen him for a while, and great to see him again) and El Morya stepped forward for the free healing session. Again, they were healing throat chakra (communication) and heart (love) issues for those on the free healing list.

The free healing list is a good way to see if you like the healing the Masters off through the portal. It is a good stepping stone to look at your ascension in a more active and focused way.

The other day the energy of the portal disappeared around me, call it a portal upgrade issue. But I became aware of how I am perpetually enveloped in the Masters energy here at the portal. I missed it when it wasn’t there. And a reason I leave the portal less and less. A Master energy addiction perhaps. LOL.

Which got me thinking how can everyone feel this energy of the Masters in their home. The easiest is to hang the Masters large portal prints in a room or through the house. The Masters energy will flow out to create a loving and supportive energy. A good idea when family energies need some help. And of course, great for healing rooms. Or on a personal basis you can use the torus technique to connect to the Masters.

Over the last week I have the question of where different people are in their ascension process. How can someone who leads a hard social life, be further ahead in their ascension process than someone who doesn’t drink, abstains from sex and leads a clean life? How can someone who knows so much about esoteric aspects of the spiritual world be so far behind the person who is just coming to their first meditation class and doesn’t know anything, but has an open heart. How can the student be further ahead than the teacher and neither of them know it? All very relevant questions.

And the answer for them all is karma. We ascend by paying our karma and not making much karma. When we have no karma left we leave the cycle of rebirth and pass the 5th initiation. We have no idea what karma people make daily. We don’t know their thoughts, words and actions – are these negative or are they based in love. Everyone makes karma everyday. It doesn’t matter if you are the pope, the Dalai Lama, a revered teacher, or at the 7th initiation like me – we live in a human world, bound by the limitations of the lower self, our thoughts words and actions are bound by the limitations of our patterns of behaviour and our patterns of thinking. So, before you judge yourself or others, as being further ahead or behind you in the ascension process, just stop and acknowledge to even have this thought is to create karma – karma via a judgement. Look at your own ascension process. What are your patterns of thought, action and speech – are they negative or based in love.

The other topic that has arisen is experiences. As we actively ascend we will have spiritual experiences. These will be beautiful and energetic. Don’t be mistaken in believing experiences equate to a rise in vibration and ascension. For the most part an experience is just an experience. Waireti has had me for many years telling her about experiences and me asking what change has occurred. It was quite demoralising to hear nothing had changed. Ascension only ever occurred when karma was paid. The less karma the greater the light.

So where are you on the ascension path? it can be so hard for us to know. So perhaps look at our Ascension reading. The reading will tell you just how much karma is left in each chakra. And tell you much about the energetic you and so much more. It will give you an idea of the areas that need focused attention. No one can ascend for you. You have to do the hard work yourself. And it isn’t easy.

The planet is ascending, don’t believe you will be taken along in the ascension process just because you believe in spirituality. Your karma will hold you back.