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4th October 2017

Verna Maruata - Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Rainbows and sparkles over gold. That just what the portal looks like for this healing day. So beautiful. Eros, White Tara and Maha Cohan are today's healers. I stood in their energy in the portal and didn't want to leave. So beautiful. Each person on the healing list will be in this energy for about 20 minutes. I can feel their auras expanding and lightening (in every sense of the word). you can read more about these three Masters on the "Meet the Masters" page.

I want to share what is happening for me at the moment.
As you know I have passed the 7th initiation.
This means My Higher Self now resides within my Holy Heart.
Recently on a trip to visit with my children in London, Waireti and I took a side tour to once more experience the stone circles. We had no plan, we just drove. Little did we know we were on an adventure with the Masters, one that is only just beginning. We stumbled onto a stone circle, the stones were small and not very impressive like Avebury. But they had a song to sing. It was a little off key and faint in parts. Waireti and I through our work with the Masters knew how to link into their song. Some of the stones were strong and some were faint. Some were gone, but the spirit of the being of the stone remained. We did some balancing, healing and reconnecting their links.
When we came away after connecting with specific stones we realised I had been given a gift. One of my hands was encased in a tight silver energy that ran up my arm to the elbow. I could feel the constriction. Now 12 weeks later the "glove" is still present. The healing that comes through it is at another level. Healing takes a few minutes and is powerful.
We have determined the energetic glove is activated by my level of ascension and desire to serve humanity.
I still have much to learn but I know the Masters are guiding me on this new adventure.
I will keep you posted.

I have added a new page to the website describing the Sacred Heart and Holy Heart. Click here for to read about the Sacred Heart and Holy Heart.

The image with this diary entry is the portal painting of White Tara.