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6th September 2017

Verna Maruata - Friday, September 01, 2017

This week was a rainbow healing day. White Tara was today's Ascension healer, she is a goddess of the 8th ray, the rainbow ray. She gave healing to those on the free healing list around attention to self. Sometimes as loving, caring people, we take on the pain and suffering of others, and in doing so get caught up in their story. Sometimes the lines can get blurred around what is actually ours and what belongs to someone else. And visa versa, we can share our pain with others and they can take it on as theirs. So this session was about bringing all that is yours back to you, and leaving all that is not yours outside of self.

I was asked this week to talk more about the crystal in the Sacred Heart.
The Sacred Heart is beyond the heart chakra. It is a sacred ground in which we can meditate and work within ourselves. You can find your Sacred Heart via the Torus technique. Click here for the technique.
As part of the ascension process, after you pass the 4th initiation, you may become aware of a crystal within the sacred heart. This crystal isn't activated. It activates at the 6th initiation, when it downloads your akashic records from this level of consciousness. The crystal drops into the Earth Star (new Celestial Star) and takes your records with it as the Celestial Star moves up through the chakras to reside finally above the 12th chakra. Your records are then held at a higher level of consciousness to which you are ascending to.

PayPal and Credit card Issues

From time to time someone emails reporting they are having an issue with PayPal or payment via credit card.

Once you proceed with payment, your are taken from our site to an external safe payment gateway. The issues that occur are usually quite simple to rectify, but they can seem quite daunting.

1.  check you put your correct country in when filling out your address. Don't leave it at the default New Zealand.
2.  check your credit card is authorised for purchasing outside your country. This just means a call to the credit card company if this is your first time buying outside of your country. This is a common occurrence for the USA.
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New Products
I was asked recently if someone could change the Masters in the 5 healing prints. What a wonderful idea. So I have added to the store a new product - any 5 Ascended Master portal prints for NZ$60 - you choose.

The healing pillow cases and pillow shams are online. I have also started to load some new shawls, these are square 140cm x 140cm. And also some snoods. For those who are sure what a snood is, it is a closed circle scarf, that gets wrapped a couple of times around the neck, and can be warn over the head. Here is the link to the store.

The snoods, and shawls are all lightweight.
More are coming online.
There is only one of each style.