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9th November 2017

Verna Maruata - Tuesday, November 07, 2017

The portal is green, pale green with opalescent sparkles - gorgeous. The healing Masters this week are Hilarion and Ganesh. Ganesh shows me this week is about the internal and external forces at play with ourselves. Our lives are both internal and external realities. Life is the interplay of both. Inner peace is the balance between these realities. Inner peace will not exist if the external world can rattle that peace. Healing this week is around these issues.

Ascensions continue via the portal. This is a time for celebration. We have someone just passed the 7th initiation. That makes 7 people in total. This is a momentous occasion. This persons Higher Self is now 100% in form. Great things are ahead for them.

This is the initiation where the wings are returned for those of angelic or reptilian origin. Another reason to rejoice.

The 7th initiation is not the 7th dimension for those that may be confusing the two. You can read more about the 7th initiation here, just click on the link.

I am sometimes asked about Light Language or speaking in tongues. I experienced speaking in Tongues when visiting an evangelical church in my teens. And about 15 years ago I encountered it again re-branded as Light Language.

This is a field Waireti has been looking at for about 40 years. She believes “tongues” and “light language” are basically the same thing. She has watched both over the years. She looked to see if it as channelled but now believes this phenomena is an internal expression. It comes from within rather than given or channelled from an external source.

Looking at the levels of ascension she believes it is not ascension related either. She has seen many levels of ascension speak in this way. So don't assume it indicates a high level of ascension.

I have been looking at 2012 diary entries. Here are a few gems from the Masters

 "Be inclusive not exclusive". Many light workers work alone, many light workers feel their way is the only way, many light workers have no room in their ideology for new ideas - be open to all, be inclusive. A united group will get greater results than a single practitioner. 

"Knowing the story doesn't make you the Storyteller". Know when to be silent, for in your silence, others can step into their power. And well gossip is never good...

From Jesus "Stay off the astral, it is a playground for the ego".

And here is a technique the Masters gave me back in 2012 which here is 2017 is proving to be part of the higher torus work at the 7th initiation.

I practice a lovely little "Love" technique from the Masters. From my sacred heart to the Sacred heart of another, I send unconditional love and I wait for their love to return to me. With my kids the response is instant, but with those I'm having less than harmonious relations it can take a while to elicit a response, but I keep on sending the love. When the love is returned you know balance is being created between you. Great for any ongoing strife in the workplace or home.

Blessings on your week, the love from my Sacred Heart is connecting with yours.