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29th July, 2015

Verna Maruata - Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Eros returns for this weeks free ascension healing in the Ascended Masters portal. Love, love, love. Today the session is around unconditional love of others. Read More

22nd July, 2015

Verna Maruata - Thursday, July 23, 2015

Another ascension healing day in the portal - St Germain (7th ray and violet) Dom Ignacio (3rd ray and pink). A pink and violet swirling healing temple in the portal. This session was about the rubbish, the dross, the yuck energies we hold onto - the Masters were helping to release these. We hold onto these energies most easily when we are stuck in the story. The story of events, of feelings, of pain, of suffering anchors us in negative energy, and makes it hard to let go. The story, retold, relived, remembered, retold, relived, remembered... of events, of feelings, of pain, of suffering, of wrongs, anchors us in an energy that binds us to a specific place on the path. Every time you relive and repeat the story you are strengthening the anchor of your own creation. It is only in the letting go, the forgiveness and the choice to relinquish the story do we start to move beyond and start to clear the dross that resides within our chakras. The Masters gave those on the free ascension healing list a hand this week. Read More

15th July 2015

Verna Maruata - Monday, July 13, 2015

This Wednesday's free ascension healing saw the portal a gold and deep blue/purple mix. Rather beautiful. Hathor and Thomas Merton joined forces for this weeks session. We all go through times when things just aren't right. Some of you may feel your world just isn't right, or something has happened and you feel tense and upset. Sometimes it would just be nice to hand it over to the Masters to take care of and make it all better. Well they aren't going to do that, but today's ascension healing was around taking you issues to your Higher Self. If your world isn't right, ask your Higher Self for help. Hathor gave today healing around issues of devotion, because it is through devotion to the Higher Self a deeper connection is made. And Thomas Merton gave healing around emotional and mental turmoil in connection to self worth, personal power etc.and the difference between giving your power to your Higher Self versus someone else. For in reality, you are of your Higher Self.  Read More

9th July, 2015

Verna Maruata - Friday, July 10, 2015

St John the Baptist, Thomas Merton and Mother Mary were this weeks Ascended Master healers for the Wednesday free ascension healing. Each week the Masters have focus for the session. This week they looked at the links between lower self, Higher Self and Christ Light and did some clearing around these for each person. Read More

Healing throws

Verna Maruata - Saturday, July 04, 2015

The New healing throws are on line - we have 5 variety's. Here are 2 of them. Read More

1st July, 2015

Verna Maruata - Wednesday, July 01, 2015

We have started the process of upgrading the website to Tablet and Smart phone friendly. The website is getting a total makeover in which we hope to make the website more accessible and more user friendly, especially for those that come back frequently and buy through our store. But I need opinions. What's your favorite part of the site, which part is the most important to you. What part falls flat? What don't we do but you would like to see? If you want to have a voice here just email me at Read More