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The Protectors among the Ascended Masters

Verna Maruata - Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The main reason the Ascended Masters walk with us is to help us in our ascension process – for they have walked where we now walk. But also like big brothers and sisters they also extend a helping hand – they serve. For some Masters they may serve by healing, or teaching – but for a very few, they serve by being protectors of humanity.

The best known protector is Archangel Michael. He wields his sword in the battle between light and dark. But there are many ways humanity needs protection, there are many personal battles fought – from the play ground, to the work place and sadly even in the home.

The Ascended Master Amen Bey stepped forward as I sat in front of my laptop wondering what topic to write on, to remind me he was one of the Protectors – and few knew to call upon him and his peers when they need help.

The Masters never interfere in your life lessons, but they can give you moments to catch your breath, to stop for a moment, to regroup and to “know” how to proceed. And of course, they can do the entire light/dark protection thing if that’s what you need, till you learn to fight your own battles.

So let’s meet a few of these Protectors. 

Amen Bey

Amen Bey is a 4th ray Master. He is tall, thin, a number two haircut, a thin chiselled face. His eyes are almond shape and are aquamarine with a black rim.He carries a rapier sword and wears a black waisted coat that swings rather like a whirling dervish coat. His aura is clear at the centre, leading to white in the middle, with an edge merging from soft apricot to burnt orange. His energy is very still and contained.

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