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The Masters Speak

  “It is in letting go that liberation is obtained.” - El Morya

“The path of self-healing is the path of self-knowledge.” - El Morya

"If with every breathe the sun rises and sets, then in that moment Be"- Hilarion

“Let your actions be ruled by your heart, not by your mind” – Lakshmi

"When living in the heart, time ceases, and you begin to live each breathe as the gift it is." - Hilarion

 "Things don't happen to you... they happen for you" – Isis

“Life is a physical manifestation of a spiritual journey.” - El Morya

“Why seek an external solution to an internal issue.” – Ares

"Claim your divinity, not your humanity."  Serapis Bey

“Be in your power, follow your own inner guru.” – Ares

“Wisdom comes from the heart.” – Kuthumi

“Feeling energy does not mean change is occurring.” – Melchizedek

"Humanity will ever divide and Divinity will only ever move as one." Ares

“To be at One with yourself you must be at One with your twin flame.” Omega

"Don't desire, Be and Do.”  Serapis Bey

"See the light (not the darkness) in everyone you meet. When you do this, all interactions come from the heart. There is no judgement.” - Cassiopeia

 "Be inclusive not exclusive". 

"Knowing the story doesn't make you the Storyteller".

 "Stay off the astral, it is a playground for the ego" - Jesus

“The journey is to move from the mind to the heart. The mind wants to “do”. When the heart wants to “Be”. If with every breathe the sun rises and sets , then in that moment Be. For it is the mind that wants achievement, it is the mind that wants results. And that is the illusion. In the sacred heart, time ceases, and you begin to live each breathe as the gift it is. And as you centre yourself in the heart space, the heart opens. In time your love will flow to humanity with every breath you take.” Hilarion

"How many of you are perfect? - Your inner Being is perfect just like the inner Being of the crystal; but how many of you are damaged in ways that are both seen and unseen? ... All of you. So judge not the visual beauty of anything, but accept everyone and everything as a gift to the world." - Jesus

 "Silence is a place... its that place, where a drop of water is suspended before it falls, like that drop of water you see. Its the place between the in breath and the out breath. And in this silence, there is no thought, no sound. That is the place you strive to achieve in meditation."
Concentrate on the breath, at that point when your lungs are full and before you exhale, feel and experience the place between breaths. Now hold that place as you exhale, hold that place between breaths, inhale still holding that place. Keep holding the place between breaths as you slowly breath in and out renewing your place in the silence.
How long did it take before a thought came in? Embrace the place of silence in meditation, for there you achieve great balance, and in the balance, Oneness.” - Paul, the Venetian